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Tokyo and it’s spicy side 

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Tokyo and it’s spicy side 

Isabelle Independent Escort Duesseldorf und Koeln

Tokyo – A city full of contrasts. Where culture and technology meet and create a unique atmosphere.I did spend more time as an Independent Escort in Tokyo as in Germany. (well, that was before corona came.) In Tokyo I found myself and spent a very formative time.

With my family background I have always been drawn to Japan, even as a small child I loved japanese food more than german cooking. Or which small child otherwise, likes rather rice with fish curls instead of pizza and chips.

And yet I would like to tell you about an encounter that took me to a new world. I was visiting friends and family and had decided to book myself into a hotel. I like to have more freedom in the end.

To be able to sleep and to enjoy some more „Tokyo“ for me. The hotel was quite simple. A typical Ryokan. Nothing special, no big luxury but very traditional. I knew the owner for a while and so I got a big room for me alone. In this very Ryokan I met Robin. A young man from New Zealand, who also had family all over Japan and only made a small stop here to take a breath.

The attraction and tension in the air I could hardly suppress or overplay. Under normal circumstances, we would probably never have met.

He was on the road too much as a journalist and I mostly stayed at one place in Germany. That we quickly shared a futon, I certainly do not need to mention. One – two days later (To be honest, I lost any sense of time.), Robin wanted to show me something. His words were something like this „I wan‘t you to join me. There is a club in Shinjuku which u may like.“

A club. Again, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have joined. But somehow he managed to persuade me.

So in the evening we went to Shinjuku, through the crowded, glaring streets, past the TOEI Cinema. That was as far as I ever went myself. And we went into a small basement. I guess horror movies are too much for that.Isabelle Independent Escort Duesseldorf und Koeln


He stopped at a door. He knocked and waited. A lady opened the door, looked at him and me and just waved in. No words. The hallway was dark, gloomy and not very trustworthy. He told me that he was already a member, introduced me.


After the stranger had checked my ID and handed me a small card (probably a members card), we went on, through the corridor to the left. Again they opened a door for us. This time a large room appeared, little meaning and nevertheless enough to recognize everything. They showed me the changing room, games rooms, etc.

Slowly I understood. The „Bliss out“ was a Members Only Happening Bar. In my everyday life I witnessed quick-wittedness, and I rarely let myself be stressed. But now I was silent…even trembled slightly.

In Germany I had always avoided bookings or dates with swingers. And now I landed there without knowing it before…


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